The Division of Sponsored Program Administration (DSPA) is a service-oriented team committed to performing functions that support Augusta University's research community. We are dedicated to treating our customers with respect, courtesy and integrity.

We are obligated to be good stewards of funding provided for research and other sponsored activities. In keeping with that obligation, we provide the services our researchers need so they are free to focus on the work they have been funded to do. We seek to develop a true partnership, one based on concern for the needs of all partners, and one that will create the maximum benefit for all partners. Through professionalism, effective communication and responsive service, we are devoted to furthering Augusta University's vision to become a top 50 research university.

We pledge to:

  • Ensure the enhancement of customer service skills in all staff
  • Provide a mechanism for customer feedback and publish a report annually
  • Provide new account information and process renewals and amendments in a timely manner
  • Provide timely responses and reliable information to all inquiries
  • Support continued professional development and training opportunities
  • Enhance web site content and navigation
  • Be a resource for interpretation of policies and procedures
  • Notify customers of funding opportunities and policy updates and changes
  • Take responsibility for continuous improvement of policies and processes

Help us help you:

  • Provide us with feedback on how we may improve our services
  • Ask us first if you have any questions
  • Provide clear, accurate information
  • Give us adequate lead time to provide you with a quality service
  • Participate in training opportunities offered by DSPA