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A full range of general obstetrical and gynecological services ranging from outpatient care to surgery, and from routine visits to complicated consultations. 

Specialized research and interest areas include:

  • Urodynamics
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Menorrhagia
  • Pelvic pain
  • Menopause

Provides counseling, medical, and surgical services to patients requiring special treatment of benign and malignant diseases and tumors of the female reproductive tract.

Maternal-Fetal Medicine specializes in assisting women requiring high-risk care and is committed to being a Center for Excellence in Women's Health. Maternal-Fetal Medicine provides state of the art services in high-risk obstetrics and medical complications of pregnancy.

Reproductive Endocrinology, Infertility and Genetics specializes in a wide range of clinical problems ranging from aberrations of puberty through infertility and menopause. Specific programs related to in vitro fertilization, PMS, menopause and pediatric gynecology are part of this broad-based clinical service. The clinical effort is supported by laboratories in reproductive biology and cytogenetics. A major component of these services involves preconceptional and prenatal genetic diagnosis.

Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery specializes in providing academic education and laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgery for most gynecology indications including complete laparoscopic hysterectomy and minimally invasive procedures for incontinence and vaginal prolapse.

Established in the summer of 2002, the Center for Biotechnology and Genomic Medicine (CBGM) was developed to promote interdisciplinary and translational research in Biotechnology and Genomic Medicine with the ultimate goal of promoting predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory (4P) medicine.

The Center's research efforts focus on two main areas: 1) discovery and validation of biomarkers for disease prediction and diagnosis, 2) pharmacomics and drug discovery for personalized medicine. 



Obstetrics and Gynecology
Medical College of Georgia
Augusta University
Medical Center Building BA-7300
phone icon 706-721-3591 - Administration Office
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Our Mission:
To improve the lives of women and their families through excellence in clinical care, service, education, research and advocacy.
Our Vision:
To create a center of excellence for multi-disciplinary women's health services in a highly satisfying professional environment for our patients, their families, physicians, and support staff.   

Our Goal:

To provide rapid access to our practice through the commitment of our faculty and support staff.






Man with glasses smiles at camera

McIndoe named director of MCG Center for Biotechnology and Genomic Medicine

Dr. Richard McIndoe, a bioinformatics expert, is the new director of the Center for Biotechnology and Genomic Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia.

photo of a woman over a blue background

MCG faculty member receives National Teaching Award

“It is an honor to receive this award. Working at the only nurse midwifery practice in the CSRA, Augusta University offers the unique opportunity to combine my passions both as a clinician and an educator."

Three people, two men and a woman, stand in a lab looking at the camera

McIndoe to lead $6.2 million innovative research initiative

Dr. Richard A. McIndoe, bioinformatics expert and associate director of the Center for Biotechnology and Genomic Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia, is leading a $6.2 million federally funded initiative to support highly innovative research ideas in three areas with tremendous impact on health.

photo of a baby

Racial disparities in health care: Maternal, infant mortality remains high in Georgia

African American women are almost three times more likely to die from a pregnancy-related cause than white women in Georgia. Black mothers in rural areas of Georgia are at an even higher risk.