Medical College of Georgia's Department of Neurosurgery Training Programs

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Medical College of Georgia's Neurosurgical Residency Program at Augusta University!

The following 8 links below contain extensive information to help answer the most common questions asked by doctors who are considering applying for Residency here including how and when to apply.

Please feel free to browse these links, and to contact Laurel Jones, our residency coordinator, at or call (706-721-7124) if you have any additional questions.

As the only Level 1 trauma center in this region, and because of the highly diverse and specialized backgrounds of our team of attending neurosurgeons, our recently expanded 7-year residency program incorporates much of the latest neurosurgical techniques, technologies and innovations, and provides the opportunity to work on cases that are seldom seen in most residency programs around the United States. Ours is a highly competitive program as we accept only one resident per year.

Best wishes as you consider the next step in your medical and surgical training.



Everyone got the memo to wear blue shirts!

Everyone got the memo to wear blue shirts!



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