Our Directors

photo of Laura Williamson PhD

Laura Williamson PhD

  • Director, CBHP

Associate Professor, Institute for Public and Preventive Health, Department of Population Health Sciences

photo of Paul C. Mann MD

Paul C. Mann MD

  • Director of Clinical Ethics, CBHP

Division Chief, Neonatology, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Medical College of Georgia

Our Faculty

photo of Dustin Avent-Holt, PhD

Dustin Avent-Holt, PhD

  • Associate Professor of Sociology, Department of Social Sciences and
  • Director, Center for Social Science Research


photo of Candace Best, PhD

Candace Best, PhD

  • Associate Professor
  • Department of Psychiatry and Health Behavior
  • Department of Pediatrics
photo of Angela Bratton, PhD

Angela Bratton, PhD

  • Associate Professor of Anthropology Dept. of History, Anthropology, & Philosophy and the Dept. of Biobehavioral Nursing
  • Associate in the Graduate School, Affiliated Faculty with Women & Gender Studies
  • Committee Member/Advisor Graduate Certificate in Bioethics


photo of Steve Coughlin, PhD

Steve Coughlin, PhD

  • Professor, Population Health Sciences, Epidemiology


photo of Elizabeth Culatta, PhD

Elizabeth Culatta, PhD

  • Assistant Professor of Sociology
  • Curriculum Director of the Health, Society, and Policy Major (HESP)
photo of Biplab Datta, PhD

Biplab Datta, PhD

  • Assistant Professor
photo of Jeff Flowers

Jeff Flowers

  • Director of Pastoral Care
photo of Allison Foley, PhD

Allison Foley, PhD

  • Associate Professor, Department of Social Sciences and Director, Center for Social Science Research
photo of Brennan Francois

Brennan Francois

  • Chief Diversity Officer, AU Health System


photo of Anna Harris-Parker, MFA

Anna Harris-Parker, MFA

  • Associate Professor,
  • English & World Languages
photo of William Hatcher, PhD

William Hatcher, PhD

  • Professor of Public Administration and Chair of Social Sciences
photo of Pamela Hayward, PhD

Pamela Hayward, PhD

  • Professor of Communication


photo of Aaron Johnson, PhD

Aaron Johnson, PhD

  • Director, Institute of Public and Preventive Health


photo of Kathryn Martin, PhD

Kathryn Martin, PhD

  • Associate Dean for Regional Campuses


photo of D. Douglas Miller, MDCM, MBA

D. Douglas Miller, MDCM, MBA

  • Vice Dean, MCG Academic Affairs
  • Professor


photo of Julie Moretz

Julie Moretz

  • Assistant Vice President of Patient Experience
  • Chief Experience Officer, AUMC


photo of Gregory Murray, PhD

Gregory Murray, PhD

  • Professor, Department of Social Sciences
photo of Jean Pawl, PhD

Jean Pawl, PhD

  • Professor
  • Chair of the Biobehavioral Nursing Department


photo of Melissa Powell-Williams, PhD

Melissa Powell-Williams, PhD

  • Professor, Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences,
  • Department of Social Sciences and Sociology, Criminal Justice and Social Work
photo of Elena Prendergast, DNP

Elena Prendergast, DNP

  • Program Director, Clinical Nurse Leader
  • Assistant Professor, Augusta University College of Nursing


photo of Dan Rahn, MD

Dan Rahn, MD

  • Professor, Population Health Sciences, Health


photo of Carrie Reif-Stice, PhD

Carrie Reif-Stice, PhD

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Communication
photo of Wendy J. Turner, PhD

Wendy J. Turner, PhD

  • Professor, Department of History, Anthropology and Philosophy
  • Program Director of Graduate Certificate Program


photo of Taylor Walker, PhD

Taylor Walker, PhD

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Communication
photo of Sabina Widner, PhD

Sabina Widner, PhD

  • Director of Graduate Studies


Our Staff

photo of Shannon Dayton

Shannon Dayton

  • Administrative Associate


photo of Kim Dyches

Kim Dyches

  • Administrative Assistant II, IPPH
  • Administrative Assistant, Bioethics Graduate Certificate Program


photo of Bobbie Willcox, MHSA

Bobbie Willcox, MHSA

  • Associate Director, Institute of Public and Preventive Health


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