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Daniel W. Rahn, MD

 Professor of Internal Medicine

Dan is an experienced physician executive whose career has included private practice, medical education, clinical research and serving as the CEO of two different major, public academic health centers. He currently holds the position of chancellor emeritus of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and has a part time appointment as a professor in the Department of Population Health in the Medical College of Georgia (MCG). His work at MCG focuses on health policy. His areas of expertise include alignment of research, education and clinical care to achieve the synergy that makes academic health centers in the United States unique in the world; crafting and executing strategic partnerships to advance the missions of academic medicine and working with both internal and external stakeholders to achieve a shared vision for the future. He has a strong interest in the role of academic medicine in facilitating health system transformation to create greater value for the public.

Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut 1976
Internal Medicine

Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut 1972
Arts, Physics

Pathogenesis of Lyme Disease: Molecular Probes.  Funding Source: NIH AR-40452-01.  4/1/90-3/31-95.  Principal Investigator: Stephen E. Malawista, M.D.  Sub-investigators:  Daniel W. Rahn, M.D., David Persing, M.D., Joe Craft, M.D., and John Hardin, M.D.  Percent of effort: ~5%.

Azithromycin in the Treatment of Early Lyme Disease.  A Multicenter Double-Blind Double Dummy Study Employing Amoxicillin as a Comparative Agent. Funding Source: Pfizer, Inc. IND# CP62.993.7/1/90-7/1/92.  Principal Investigator:  Daniel W. Rahn, M.D.  Sub-investigators: Frederick D. Haeseler, M.D., and Keiren Donovan, M.D.  Percent of Effort~10%.

Phase III Clinical Study of the UVAR Photopheresis System Compared to Parenteral Gold Salts in the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Funding Source: Therakos, Inc.  8/1/90-7/31/92.  Principal Investigator: Stephen E. Malawista, M.D.  Sub-investigators: Daniel W. Rahn, M.D. Percent of Effort: ~10%.

Lyme Disease Research, Treatment and Education Programs.  Funding Source:  Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Services and the Centers for Disease Control, 5/30/92-5/29/93, amount $23,471.

Generalist Physician Initiative, Project Director:  Francis J. Tedesco, M.D., Daniel W. Rahn, M.D., Sub-investigator, Amount of grant:  $150,000 from 11/1/92-4/30/94, Funding Sources:  Robert Wood Johnson Grant, Percent of Effort:~10%.

Generalist Physician Initiative, Project Director:  Darrell G. Kirch M.D., Daniel W. Rahn, M.D., Sub I Chairman, Residency Implementation Committee, Amount of grant:  $500,000 (for first year) 06/01/94-06/01/97, Funding Sources:  Robert Wood Johnson Grant, Percent of Effort:~25%.

Circle of Knowledge in Resident Education, Principal Investigator:  Daniel W. Rahn, MD.  Amount of grant:  $26,679. 10/01/1999 – 6/30/2001, Funding Source: Partnerships for Quality Education, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.



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