Inside Hull December 2022


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Greetings Hull Alumni and Friends!

Dean Franza

Welcome to the December issue of Inside Hull! As an end-of-year present, this edition is a video, highlighting much of the great news of the past calendar year. We focus on the people, programs, and events of the Hull College, bringing you the best of a successful year that would not have been possible without your support.

As we close out the year, our faculty, staff, and students want to thank you for keeping the Hull College close to your heart. We hope you have a blessed holiday season, and your upcoming new year is one of good health and happiness. We look forward to 2023 being the best year yet for the Hull College and appreciate having you with us on this great journey.

Go Jags!

Richard (Rick) M. Franza, Ph.D.


2022 Year in Review Video


Faculty/Staff News

Dinesh Hasija, Ph.D., assistant professor of management, was awarded a grant from the Research Scholarship and Creative Activity (RSCA) Grant Program at Augusta University to fund his research project, an investigation of recent presidential proclamation of steel tariffs, in June – July 2023.

Simon Medcalfe, Ph.D., professor of economics, contributed to Augusta Business Daily with “Simon Says: Companies I admire, Part 1” on Dec. 7, and “Simon Says: Economic indicators sending mixed signals about a recession” on Dec. 14.

Richard Franza, Ph.D., dean of the college, contributed to Augusta Business Daily with “Mondays with Rick: The upcoming economic forecast for 2023” on Dec. 5, and “Mondays with Rick: The lucrative business of sports” on Dec. 12.