Ebad Collage

The Muhammad Ebadullah Hasan Memorial Award was established by the Summer 2005 STAR participants in loving memory of their fellow STAR participant Ebad Hasan who lost his life in a tragic accident in July 2005.

Ebad was a bright young STAR scientist with a promising future. During the STAR program, Ebad worked in the laboratory of Dr. Kouros Motamed investigating a potential mechanism to regulate ovarian cancer metastasis.

Ebad was also a true friend amongst the STARs. He made them laugh. He made them smile. He showed them politeness, graciousness and respect. We are all thankful for the opportunity to know him, work with him and become his friend.

The intent of this award is to keep his memory alive as we honor and recognize individuals of character like Ebad who are kind to all, sincere, humble, helpful (regardless the task), approachable, easy-going and gentle-natured with a quiet sense of humor and a heartwarming smile. Ebad definitely had a radiant smile!

The $150 award is sponsored by his family and friends to recognize a STAR participant each year who enriches the STAR program with his/her presence, involvement and commitment to STAR, while always finding the time to touch the lives of others with friendship, patience and respect.


Award Winners

photo of Fikir Tefera

Fikir Tefera

  • 2023
photo of Wesley McGee

Wesley McGee

  • 2022
photo of Chase Lueder

Chase Lueder

  • 2021
photo of Abigail "Abby" McNamee

Abigail "Abby" McNamee

  • 2019