In 2017, an anonymous donor made the generous decision to establish the Patricia L. Cameron Award to recognize one STAR participants’ overall outstanding performance throughout the summer.

This award in is in honor of the STAR director, Dr. Patricia L. Cameron, who has worked with STARs and the STAR program for over 20 years. Dr. Cameron is filled with great passion for working with undergraduate students to broaden their knowledge and experience in biomedical research at Augusta University. The recipient of this award shows outstanding research skills and a passion for science, exemplifies collegiality, actively engages in workshops and activities, and has great potential for success as a biomedical researcher. 


Previous Award Winners

photo of Hayden McCord

Hayden McCord

  • 2022
photo of Avelina Lee

Avelina Lee

  • 2021
photo of Genevieve Wimsatt

Genevieve Wimsatt

  • 2019
photo of Lenee Shrestha

Lenee Shrestha

  • 2018
photo of Carla Dominquez Gonzalez

Carla Dominquez Gonzalez

  • 2017