Asamoah Bosomtwi

Other Faculty

Asamoah Bosomtwi

Other Faculty

Academic Appointment(s)

Medical College of Georgia
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

  • (706) 721-1427
  • 1410 Laney Walker Blvd., CN-3155


  • Ph.D., Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Other Oakland University, 2008

  • MS, Physics, General University of Kentucky, 2004

Courses Taught Most Recent Academic Year

  • VBIO 9010

    Seminar in Vascular Bio


Selected Recent Publications

  • Mean microvessel segment length and radius after embolic stroke: Comparison of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and laser scanning confocal microscopy (LSCM)., 2011
    Journal Article, Academic Journal
  • Quantitative evaluation of microvascular density after stroke in rats using MRI., 2008
    Journal Article, Academic Journal