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Collaboration and Leadership

The Dental College of Georgia seeks and retains professional, energetic scholars to partner with our institution to lead new professionals into the dental community while providing excellent patient-and-family-centered care to our patients. We also promote research collaborations across a wide spectrum of basic/clinical sciences.

Looking for Additional Faculty and Staff Positions?

To view additional AU positions or apply for a position with the Dental College of Georgia:

  1. Visit the AU Job Search portal.
  2. Select View All Jobs.
  3. In the Search box at the top of the page, type "DCG," and select the Go arrow.


Augusta University's vacant faculty positions are also posted on the University System of Georgia Applicant Clearinghouse as a unit of the University System of Georgia.

Academic Faculty 

Title Department Job ID
Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor DCG-Restorative Sciences 242564
Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor DCG-Restorative Sciences 240564
Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor DCG-General Dentistry  240566
Instructor/Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor DCG-General Dentistry 217662
Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor DCG-Oral Biology & Dx Sciences 227116
Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor
*TRIBA Position 
DCG-Oral Biology & Dx Sciences  232721
Instructor/Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor DCG-Oral Biology & Dx Sciences 227439
Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor - Part Time DCG-Patient Services 228316
Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor DCG-Restorative Sciences 230582
Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor DCG-Restorative Sciences 218346
Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor DCG-Restorative Sciences 218261

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Dental College of Georgia Building



1430 John Wesley Gilbert Drive
Augusta, GA 30912



Teaching, Patient Care, Research, Service

Established in 1969, the DCG is the state’s sole dental college now providing education and training for more than 300 dental students and approximately 60 residents per year.

In addition to offering a high-quality education in our innovative facilities, we provide care to nearly 50,000 patients each year, some traveling across the state or more to be treated by our students, residents and faculty.


Innovating Discoveries

News from the Dental College

See how the latest in research, innovation and education work together to advance dental education and research.

photo from article Secret Lives: In the Same Boat

Secret Lives: In the Same Boat

Dr. Nancy Young was a senior in dental school raising two small children when she decided she was desperate for some stress relief. But nothing on her plate could be eliminated, so she added something to it instead. She started rowing. She had worked in the business world as a young adult, but after shadowing […]

Dr. Chris Cutler

On the Horizon: Reprogramming Gum Cells

A $1.8 million National Institutes of Health grant is supporting DCG researchers as they probe the relationship between aging and gum inflammation — and, crucially, how to head it off at the pass. The five-year grant, funded by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, involves injecting nanoparticles into the gums of mice with […]

Patient Care Coordinators

Expertise in Action: Coordination is the Key

DCG students must log hundreds of hours of supervised patient care before earning their degrees, and the Department of Patient Services is determined to optimize the process for both students and patients. The department’s six patient care coordinators (PCCs), as well as a team of office specialists, keep multiple balls in the air at all […]

Carlos J. Daniels, Ketarya Hunt Bass, and Candice L. Hillman

Community Outreach: A Healthy Start

Dozens of Augusta-area youths received free dental care June 23, thanks to a DCG collaboration with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Augusta and Augusta Partnership for Children Inc. The event, funded by DCG’s Health Resources and Services Administration grant, matched the Department of Pediatric Dentistry with attendees of a summer camp serving the […]