Purchasing Card System (P-Card)


Hand holding P-Card

The P-Card Program simplifies day-to-day purchasing activities while enhancing cost-effectiveness. The P-Card streamlines payment and purchasing procedures, reduces the administrative burden traditionally associated with small dollar value purchases, and allows for prompt receipt of goods. State and local governments can benefit from using the P-Card by eliminating purchase order paperwork. The P-Card offers more accountability through consistent and timely reconciliation processes and electronic management controls.

The P-Card is honored by all merchants who accept VISA, and there are no annual transaction or reporting fees.

There are a few restrictions when using this card such as travel expenditures, food, hazardous chemicals and equipment (items over $999.99). A training class is given to everyone who applies for a card before actually activating the card for purchasing.

For detail information, please contact:

P-Card Program Contacts
Krishna Nichols
P-Card Administrator
Augusta University
Supply Management, Purchasing
1120 15th Street, PL1007E
Augusta, GA 30912
706.721.9441 - Voice
706.721.3012 - Fax
Vicky Susan Reynolds
Procurement Audit & Compliance Specialist
Augusta University
Supply Management, Purchasing 
1120 15th Street, PL1007C
Augusta, GA 30912
706.721.2035 - Voice