Study Abroad Office Scholarship

In order to apply for the Study Abroad Office scholarship, you must:
  • Be a currently enrolled as an Augusta University student (as of Fall 2017) 
  • Have at least a 2.5 GPA by the end of the Fall 2017 semester
  • Have paid your $200 deposit for a study abroad/away trip during the spring or summer semesters. Your scholarship application will not be considered until you have paid your deposit.
  • Participate in an Augusta University-approved study abroad program (European Council and Asia Council are included).
  • Undergraduate students: provide two letters of recommendation.  One must be from an Augusta University professor.
  • Graduate students: provide one letter of recommendation from a professor, supervisor, advisor, mentor, etc.
  • Submit the application by 11:59 pm on December 11, 2018 (late applications will not be accepted)
Terms and Conditions of the Study Abroad Scholarship:

Awards are made based on the total amount of scholarship funds available and the total cost of the trip. Awards vary, but are typically between 5% and 15% of the total price of the study abroad/away trip (excluding tuition).  Students are strongly encouraged to participate in fundraising, as scholarships alone will not cover the cost of programs.

  • All scholarship information is shared with the Financial Aid Office, per regulations. If your study abroad scholarship affects your financial aid you, will be notified before funds are distributed.
  • If you withdraw from the study abroad program for which your scholarship was awarded, those funds will be distributed to other students at the discretion of the Study Abroad Office.  If you change trips, the amount of your scholarship will not automatically transfer to pay for your new trip.  The amount may be reduced or increased based on the cost of the new trip and the availability of funds, also at the discretion of the Study Abroad Office.
  • Study abroad scholarships are applied to your study abroad account.  No money will be given directly to the student.  If your trip requires two or more payments, the scholarship will be applied to the final payment.  Students will be required to make all other payments before the study abroad scholarship is applied to the final payment. Fall program participants will receive a disbursement in the following spring semester.
  • Scholarships are for approved Augusta University Study Abroad programs, and EC/AC programs. Other programs will be considered if the student petitions the Study Abroad Office, although priority will be given to Augusta University programs.
  • Strong essays and recommendation letters help award more points to the application.

Please complete your application online within your Terra Dotta profile (see link below). Recommendation letters must be completed through the Terra Dotta system. Please direct questions to

Links to Scholarship Application and Recommendation Forms:

NOTE: ALL RECOMMENDATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY VIA THE LINKS BELOW. Please contact the Study Abroad Office if this method is not possible. Recommendations should not pass through the student and should only be submitted directly to the Study Abroad Office.

Undergraduate Scholarship

Graduate Scholarship

Have questions about the scholarship application or recommendation process? This presentation might help.