Informal Mediation Program

The Informal Mediation Program offers mediation services to faculty, students, and employees for any dispute related to the official business of the Augusta University.

Mediation is a way of resolving disputes. Most disputes on campus are resolved by the parties themselves through simple discussion, or by addressing the matter through their supervisors.

When this is not effective, the parties can use mediation. Participation in a mediation is voluntary. That is, all of the parties to the dispute would have to agree to participate. If so, we will provide a trained mediator from our panel, which includes mediators from Augusta University and other institutions in the University System. The mediator will sit down with the parties and use his or her skills to help the parties agree upon a resolution to the dispute. The mediator has no authority to decide how a dispute should be resolved; the parties themselves must mutually agree on a resolution.

Other public and private institutions and corporations which have used mediation have found it to be a very effective way to deal with conflict.

If you would like to use our mediation service, or to find out more, please contact:

Debra Arnold
Director for Employee Relations 
Training and Education 
Phone: 706-721-6197