Volunteer Agreement

Any department desiring to utilize a volunteer is responsible for initiating the process. The process is fairly simple but requires that all volunteers complete a volunteer form.

This form establishes the volunteer relationship and provides the volunteer with information regarding guidelines and restrictions. For example, a volunteer is not entitled to any compensation for his/her services and is not entitled to receive academic credit for volunteer services.

Each completed volunteer form should include an attached description of duties the volunteer will perform. Parental consent is required if a volunteer is a minor. Each department is responsible for providing orientation and training to its volunteers and maintaining its original volunteer forms.

To comply with HIPAA orientation requirements, the sponsoring department should contact the Privacy Officer in Compliance & Enterprise Risk Management Office. Volunteers who will be on campus for more than 8 hours must obtain a campus identification badge from Public Safety Division. A Contractor ID Badge form must be submitted to Public Safety at least 24 hours in advance of obtaining a badge. The form should be submitted and approved before a volunteer begins his/her service.

Please print, complete and return the Augusta University Volunteer Agreement Form to the department you will be volunteering with.