Raffles and Door Prizes

Can you have Raffles and Door Prizes?

Occasionally, departments, student organizations, or other groups plan to host raffles or events with door prizes to raise money to benefit Augusta University or a group affiliated with Augusta University. Under Georgia law generally, however, gambling is illegal. “Gambling” includes raffles or door prize events where participants pay for a chance to win an item of value.

There is an exception to this law for tax-exempt entities: Raffle events may be authorized by advance permit to raise money for a non-profit, tax-exempt church, school, civic organization, or related support group. See Official Code of Georgia Annotated Section 16-12-22.1.

Accordingly, departments or groups interested in hosting a fund raising event using a raffle or door prizes (where participants must pay to have a chance to win) must complete an application form for a raffle permit through the Augusta, Georgia License and Inspection Department (phone: 706-312-5053; fax: 706-796-5037) well in advance of the event. (Note that $100 permit fee is often waived for tax exempt organizations.)

Please contact the our office at 706-721-4018 should you need additional advice.

This does not apply if participants do not have to pay or contribute in order to win.