Pre-Contract Agreement

Pre-Contract Agreement

This document, effective this ______________day of __________________ 20______, is entered into by and between ______________________________, (hereafter referred to as “Sponsor”) and the Augusta University Research Institute, Inc. (hereinafter “AURI”) a nonprofit research and educational corporation, located at Augusta University, 1120 15th Street, Augusta, Georgia 30912-4018.

In anticipation for enrollment of subjects into a clinical trial, work shall be performed by Augusta University including further development of a study protocol, regulatory submission to the Institutional Review Board (“Human Assurance Committee” or such other IRB as may be designated in writing by institution), contract negotiation, budget development, technical assistance, and general study-set-up preparation.

The pre-contract work and costs described herein represent a separate obligation from those in any study contract that may follow. These costs are due and payable upon invoice, regardless of whether a study is subsequently approved by the IRB. A separate budget will be created for any subsequent related study. IRB fees will be billed directly to the Sponsor by the IRB, with payment of IRB fees to be made directly to the IRB as instructed via invoice.

As compensation for this work, the sponsor shall pay the following costs within 30 days of invoice:

Checks Payable to: Augusta University Research Institute
Mail to: Augusta University Research Institute, Inc.
PO Box 945552
Atlanta, GA 30394-5552
Attention: Protocol No._______________

(See attached W-9)

Agreed to by Sponsor:

Agreed to by AURI:
Name: Diego Vazquez
Title: Executive Director

Agreed to by Principal Investigator:
Name: ______________________________
Date: _______________________________