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photo of Philip Young, DABHP
Philip Young, DABHP

Associate VP, EHS 
Radiation Safety Officer
photo of Vacant

Assistant Radiation Safety Officer & Senior Health Physicist
photo of  Jenee Parlor
 Jenee Parlor

Health Physicist
photo of  John Schneider
 John Schneider

Radiation Safety Specialist
photo of  Teresa Johnson
 Teresa Johnson

Dosimetry Coordinator
photo of Jacqueline Childs
Jacqueline Childs

Office Specialist


Radioactive Waste Pickup Request
Waste Pickup Schedules

  • Radiation Safety will pick up the waste at your laboratory on an appointment basis.  When you are ready for a radioactive waste pick-up, You can schedule an appointment by:

Waste Minimization Plan

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Note: In the case of a serious injury or life threatening emergency, seek immediate medical attention.