Undergraduate research affords you the opportunity to apply what you already know to new issues that interest you and allows you to develop new skills. It allows a deep dive into subjects that you care about and allows you to integrate topics from different areas of your field. It is our hope that you will learn what sort of creative work a scholar in your field does. You will meet others with similar interests, gain confidence, immerse yourself in the intellectual environment of a research setting, and use your experiences to help you choose a future career path. The creation of new works fuels the joy of discovery. Find out where your imagination can take you.

While we have many fine research opportunities at Augusta University, see Center for Undergraduate Research & Scholarship, this page gives links to some opportunities for research away from our campus.  For many of these programs, stipends are sufficient to make up for any lost income from not taking a summer job, so there is no economic reason not to explore them.

These programs can be transformative to you as a young intellectual and scholar, opening up opportunities you might not even have known existed.  Future employers or graduate or professional schools will take your participation in one of these programs as evidence of excellence in both accomplishment and potential.  Furthermore, they can help you decide what direction you want to take your future studies and career.

Many students, through the connections made in these programs, have gone on to be fully funded in top graduate programs around the country.

If something looks interesting, apply.  The best way to guarantee you will not succeed at something is never to try.