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Issues that Matter: Civic Discourse through Arts-Based, Critical Service Learning

This study examines how an afterschool club might impact civic discourse through an arts-based, critical service-learning approach. While the curriculum revision was a good start to improving civics education, there were still flaws within the revised framework. As educators are looking to create more inclusive spaces for conversations, one recommendation in the C3 framework was interdisciplinary instruction and arts integration (Swan et al., 2013). Within clubs, students can participate in many civics-oriented activities, including critical service learning. Clubs are ideal for using critical service learning and an arts-based education to develop critical discourse skills because students are provided safe spaces, issues are relevant to learners, and a variety of choice is available. Afterschool clubs can activate and provide a safe place for civic discourse. Scholars have argued that afterschool clubs are one way to augment civics education (Kirlin, 2002; Neild et al., 2019). Kirlin, M. (2002). Civic skill building: The missing component in service programs?. PS: Political Science & Politics, 35(3), 571-575. Neild, R. C., Wilson, S. J., & McClanahan, W. (2019). Afterschool Programs: A Review of Evidence under the Every Student Succeeds Act. Research for Action. Swan, K., Lee, J., Mueller, R., Day, S. H., & Grant, S. G. (2013). Teaching the college, career, and civic life (C3) framework. National Council for the Social Studies.

Eligibility Criteria

  • All participants will be volunteers. All club members will be provided an opportunity to participate in all club activities, regardless of their participation in the study. The research will be conducted with actual students; however, pseudo-names will be used to protect student confidentiality. Students will be asked to volunteer to participate in the study. Participants who volunteer will then be asked to sign a consent/assent form.

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