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Clinical Trial

Do Compression Garments Influence the Slow Component of VO2 during a Long Distance Run?

We are seeking healthy runners to volunteer for a study of energy use during running. The purpose of this study is to measure if wearing compression garments have an effect on energy use during running. Subjects in this study will run at a self-selected modest pace for about 40 minutes per session on a treadmill. Testing will take about ninety minutes per session. Over a total of the two session there will be a total testing time of approximately 3 hours The study will be conducted at the Forest Hills Campus.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Inclusion criteria: - Be a regular runner (once per week or more). - Be 18 or older - Be generally healthy enough to exercise safely Exclusion criteria: - Have a recent injury that interferes with running - Have a pacemaker

Contact Information

    Andrew Craig-Jones, Ph.D.

    (706) 721-0902