How to Reserve CA 2109

Directions for Scheduling Appointments for CA2109:

  • Open your Outlook email and go to your calendar.
  • Find the date/time you would like to schedule, right click in that box, and select “New Appointment”, which will bring up an untitled appointment.
  • Click “Scheduling Assistant”, located between the Appointment and Lync Meeting buttons (see below)

Schedule Assistant


  • After clicking ‘Scheduling Assistant”, you should see the following:

Schedule Assistant 2


  • Type CA2109 in “Attendees” and hit the enter key. This should auto-populate to “CA2109 CONFERENCE, allowing you to see when the room is already reserved (see below).

Schedule Assistant 3

  • You can select different dates by clicking on the calendar on the right, under “Room Finder”.
  • If you need to go back to the main appointment screen to enter notes or attach files, click on the “Appointment” button, next to the Scheduling Assistant button.
  • Once you have everything entered, click “Send”. The send button is located on the left side underneath the X/delete button. It is small and a little hard to see.
  • An email will be sent to the owner of the calendar to accept your appointment.
  • Once the appointment is accepted to the calendar, you will receive an email confirmation.