Animal User Clearance (Research Personnel)

All research personnel, and Laboratory Animal Services personnel must successfully complete the following steps before they will be authorized to work with animals or enter any area where animals are housed or used at Augusta University.

The Principal Investigator, Business Manager, or Lab Manager must complete this step for each person exposed to your animals.

Submit an Animal User Access Request to:

  • request addition of new personnel to the eSirius animal care and use database;
  • authorize user access to the eSirius animal care and use database (optional);
  • authorize user access to the vivarium (optional).

Once the request is received, the IACUC office must add new personnel to the eSirius contact database before a PI can add them to a protocol; the PI will be notified once the contact has been created.
Requests that do not include specific building code and room numbers will not be cleared for vivarium access.

All research personnel and LAS personnel must complete this step.

Submit the Occupational Health Risk Assessment. This tool evaluates your exposure risks and determines if a medical evaluation is required prior to clearance. It can take some time to get an available appointment. You will be notified by email once your appointment is scheduled.

All research personnel and LAS personnel must complete this step.

Complete the LATA Training Modules:

  • Six (6) General Modules;
  • Species Specific Module(s) for each animal species you will work with.

All research personnel must complete this step.

Research personnel must complete additional training, based on the content of the Animal User Protocol(s) they are listed on.

When Protocol Contains: Required Training:
RODENT BREEDING Rodent Weaning Training
SURGERY Rodent Aseptic Surgery Training & Quiz
BIOHAZARDS ABSL2 Vivarium Training
CHEMICAL HAZARDS Chemical Hazard Use in ABSL1 Vivarium Training

Once Steps 1-5 have been completed and Occupational Health clearance is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to sign up for required Facility Orientation and Practical Training.  If you are consistently unable to make scheduled times for this training, contact

The entire clearance process can take considerable time to complete. Prompt responses to email from LASACCESS, IACUC, ANIMALOHP, and LASTRAINING will ensure the most expedited clearance possible.

All personnel will be notified of annual renewal requirements via email. Failure to complete annual renewals will result in loss of vivarium access.