Any concern with shipping of any imports and/or exports , please contact the shipping coordinator

Shipment Information

DLAS will assist and facilitate the import and export of animals for the Augusta University research community. It is important that Investigators check with DLAS or the receiving institution prior to initiating a shipment request to ensure that they are aware of all required documentation needed for receipt of animals to their institution. Some documentation examples can be health reports, outbreak reports or USDA certificates. If proper documentation is not received it can cause lengthy delays in the completion of a shipping request.

Services and supplies for shipping (i.e. transport boxes, dividers, floor or water sources) may be obtained from DLAS. For pricing information please contact the DLAS office 706-721-3421 or visit the Services Request page.

General Shipping Procedures

When exporting animals from Augusta University to another institution you must follow the steps below or complete the shipping request form to have DLAS coordinate the shipment of identified animals.

Please note that all of the items below are available for purchase from Division Laboratory Animal Services. For pricing please visit our services webpage or contact the DLAS office 706-721-3421.

  1. Submit a Shipping Request to DLAS. This must be completed for DLAS to approve the request and begin generating health reports.
  2. Obtain a transport box (upon approval).
  3. Obtain dividers (for shipping animals that need to be separated)
  4. Transport box must be filled with bedding (current bedding is acceptable).
  5. Must provide a water source (i.e. potatoes, commercially purchased Napa Nectar).
  6. Must include a food source. DLAS recommends providing portions of their current feed.
  7. Coordinate shipping with a corporation that will provide air express services.
    The following companies have been utilized in the past:

Burlington Air Express (BAS GLOBAL) @ 706-769-7044 or 1-800-354-2224
World Courier @ 1-800-221-6600
AirNet @ 1-888-888-8463

If you would like for DLAS to make the shipping arrangements, please make sure you indicate this on the Shipping Request Form.

*Please note: When shipping animals to another institution, you must be certain of what the receiving institution requires. Such as health reports, outbreak history and/or USDA certificate.

***Transport boxes are available upon request. DLAS will deliver the box to the room where the animals intended for shipment are housed.