Animal Facility Per Diem and Service Rates

Augusta University per diem rates are established on a cost recovery basis. Each rate includes the daily care of animals (observation, feeding, watering, changing cages, and record keeping), supplies (feed, bedding, enrichment, etc), animal health monitoring via sentinel program, facility sanitization and equipment maintenance.

The per diem rate does not include Investigator-specific research costs associated with drug administration, diagnostic testing, surgery, and specialty feed requests.

FY22 Per Diem Rates

Cost Center

Mouse Conventional $0.57
Mouse Barrier $0.80
Mouse Quarantine $1.11
Mouse ABSL2 $1.08
Rat Conventional $0.79
Rat Barrier $1.02
Rat Quarantine $1.48
Swine $18.37
Non-human primates $10.92


Fees for Services

Overcrowded Cage Notification $10.00
Overcrowded Cage Separation $50.00
Veterinary Technical Time (per hour) $33.60
*Rodent Import $50.40
*Rodent Export $50.40
Quarantine Breeding Cage (per cage) $25.00

* Does not include containers and technician time.