Foreign Language Alliance for International Rapport

What is FLAIR?

One of the first foreign language alliances in the state of Georgia, FLAIR was founded in 1985 to serve the CSRA and is supported by the Department of English and World Languages of Augusta University.

What is FLAIR’s mission?

To foster an awareness of cultural diversity and to learn from it; to provide teachers and students opportunities to share experiences; to sponsor a student honor society; and to keep abreast with the field through conferences and special programs.

Who can be a member?

Anyone interested in promoting foreign languages in the CSRA. Teachers and students, from public and private schools, as well as members of the community can belong to FLAIR. There are total of twenty-one counties that are a part of flair: fifteen counties from Georgia and six counties from South Carolina. 

How much are dues?

Membership is free and open to all.

How can I become a member?

If you are a foreign language teacher and have been receiving our mailings, you are already a member. If you have not received any information, call a member of the steering committee to have your name put on our mailing list.

What FLAIR offers you:

  • An annual conference, hosted by Augusta University, Paine College or Richmond County schools on a variety of themes. Our most successful conferences include “The Caribbean Connection: Culture, History and Literature,” “Chocolate: Food of the Gods,” and “TPR-Story Telling” with Blaine Ray. 
  • A variety of programs, designed to meet teacher needs and keep abreast of innovations in methodology and advancements in technology.
  • The FLAIR Honor Society for all qualified high school students, held in March in the Performing Arts Theater of Augusta University. The initiation fee includes a certificate, an embossed seal for their high school diploma, a printed program and a reception in their honor. A door prize is awarded to one or two students from each school.
  • FLAIR Student of the Year awards. The outstanding student of each school is recognized at our annual honor society induction. Each student is awarded a certificate and a gift from FLAIR. Of these students, one is chosen to receive the FLAIR Student of the Year award, the highest honor bestowed by FLAIR. The recipient receives a plaque, a gift, recognition in the local newspaper and the FLAIR newsletter, and an invitation by the State Department of Education to attend a special awards ceremony in Atlanta.
  • The FLAIR Teacher of the Year award, which honors an outstanding teacher, active in local, regional, and state professional activities. The honoree receives a plaque, a gift, and recognition at the local and state levels.
  • A newsletter, published three or four times a year, announcing programs, conferences, contest results and a foreign language calendar. Please submit items of interest to the editor, Jana Sandarg, at Augusta University.
  • Teacher Grants, available for professional growth and projects that benefit local schools. Submit proposals to a steering committee member.
  • Teacher & Student Study Abroad Scholarships, available for professional growth and projects that benefit local schools. Submit proposals to a steering committee member.
  • A forum for professional growth and friendship. Together we can promote the teaching of foreign languages and cultures in the CSRA.

How is FLAIR organized?

FLAIR is run by a steering committee open to all members at all times. There is no chair of the committee and no obligations for members. Everyone has a voice, and decisions are reached by consensus. 

Steering Committee

Avila, Julio
North Augusta High School

Harris, Michael
Butler High School

Johnson, DiAnne
Evans High School

Krahulek, Diahan
North Augusta High School

Light, Pam
Augusta Prepartory Day School

Meredith, Terry
Aquinas High School

Meyer, E. Nicole
Augusta University

N'Kutula, Vasco
Cross Creek High School

Pérez, Edwin

Presgrove, Christy
Greenbrier High School

Puerta-Quinn, Sonia
Episcopal Day School

Rosario, Velia
C.T. Walker Traditional Magnet School

Sandarg, Jana
Augusta University

Worley, Azilde
North Augusta High School