Graduate Student Services

We offer specialized services to support graduate students. Take advantage of our asynchronous online appointments, ongoing appointments for long-term projects, workshops, and graduate writing groups. Whatever your program or discipline, we’re happy to help you succeed.

Submitting your assignment for asynchronous review

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We know you are busy and can’t always make it to the center or to live online appointments, so we’ve made it easier for you. You can schedule “written feedback” online appointments directly on our schedule. However, if all slots are full on the schedule, you can also submit to the graduate student portal using the form below to receive written feedback on your work. Whether you submit directly on our schedule or through the form below, we will return your assignment with commentary using our feedback form. Students should review this feedback form before submitting their work so they know what to expect from their asynchronous appointment. Please note that the Center for Writing Excellence is not an editing service. We are happy to point out recurring grammatical or citation errors and provide resources to help you correct these errors on your own; however, we will not correct errors for you or return an edited paper.

Appointments made directly on our schedule will receive feedback by the end of the appointment hour; submissions made through this portal will be returned to writers within two business days of receipt. Submissions received on Friday afternoon may not be returned until the following Tuesday. Submissions received prior to a closing may not be reviewed until reopening dependent upon demand and director availability. Assignments should be no longer than 15 pages, unless the director has made an exception. Projects longer than 15 pages may benefit from long-term writing support (see request form in next section).

Only graduate students, faculty, and staff are allowed to use this submission portal. Undergraduate students can receive written feedback on work but must make their appointments directly on the schedule (undergraduate submissions through this portal will not be reviewed).

The CWE will review asynchronous submissions May 16-August 3, with the exception of the following closures: May 30, June 20, and July 4.  

Submit your assignment!

If you have questions about this service, contact the director of the Center for Writing Excellence, Dr. Candis Bond, at

Long-Term Writing Support

We understand that you may be working on long-term writing projects such as dissertations and articles. It can be helpful to work with the same person on a regular basis for these types of projects. Recurring appointments can take place in person or online based on your availability and preferences. 

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Writing Groups

writing groupWriting groups are a great way for graduate students to stay motivated and on task in a supportive community. Joining is easy and participating can take as little time as 10 minutes per week. These groups can take place in person or online. Submit your request to participate below. 

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