The Division of Professional and Community Education keeps personal and credit information confidential. Professional and Community Education collects only the information necessary to provide you with the serv ices that you request. A secure server is used for all personal and registration information.

  • All demographic information is collected and protected.
  • No personal or financial information is shared with external organizations or persons.
  • Visitors registering for educational activities are asked for information which allows MCG to maintain continuing education activity files. This information is protected and not shared externally.
  • Secure encryption technology is used in managing information.
  • All personal data is kept confidential in a secure manner with access only by authorized personnel.
  • Aggregate information regarding numbers of users may be utilized for statistical analysis. This information does not allow for personal identification.

For questions or additional information about CE Policies and Procedures and CE programs, please contact: 
Director, Pam Witter ( or (706) 721-9629. 

Mailing address:

Augusta University
Division of Professional and Community Education

919 15th Street
Augusta, Georgia, 30912

Telephone: (706) 721-3967 
Fax: (706) 721-4642