Elective Courses in Pathology


Dr. Russell

Phase 2 Curriculum Coordinator
Barbara Russell, EdD
Associate Professor
Pathology Teaching Office
Educational Commons Building
Room GB-3357
Phone: 706-721-4326


The Pathology faculty is committed to making the educational experience a rewarding and successful one. The instructors are pathologists, medical scientists and medical technologists with a broad range of interests and expertise. The faculty is based at the AU Medical Center and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center as well as several other hospitals in the Augusta area. During the second year, students learn the basic principles of pathology and make clinical correlations in patient case studies as they prepare to move forward in their medical career. This in-depth study of human disease is supplemented by didactic and discussion sessions and by the use of computer and videodisc material.

In the third and fourth year, student electives in pathology are offered by the faculty.


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