Phase III Electives in Pathology


All electives in pathology are special electives. Before signing up for electives in the Curriculum Office, students must obtain clearance from the faculty member offering the elective and the Director of Undergraduate Pathology Education's office.


  1. PATH-5003 Surgical Pathology. (Dr. White)
  2. PATH-5005 Transfusion Medicine.(Dr. Shikle and Dr. Bollag)
  3. PATH-5009 Gen. Clinical Path. Lab. (Dr. Singh and Dr. Savage)
  4. PATH-5011 Basic Neuropathology. (Dr. Belakhlef)
  5. PATH-5014 Off Campus Special Electives. (Dr. Kavuri)
  6. PATH-5016 Anatomic Pathology. (Dr. Vemavarapu)
  7. PATH-5019 Clinical Microbiology. (Dr. Samra)
  8. PATH-5028 Introduction to Pathology at our Regional Campus Sites (Dr. Hom, Dr. Drwiega, Dr. Beier, Dr. Hanly, Other Faculty)