MS Grand Rounds Presentation Guidelines


Student Director: Dr. David Bogorad
Student Coordinator: Ms. April Jackson
Residency Coordinator: Ms. Audrey Forbes

Beginning July of 2013 the Department of Ophthalmology began requiring all medical students (Augusta University / Visiting) who rotate through our department to present at Grand Rounds. Please review these guidelines to assist you in preparing for your presentation. NOTE: The presentation will be part of your OPTH 5001 Grade.

Choose a case. Please get advice from a resident on which patient is appropriate to present. Ask the attending who staffed the patient to sponsor your presentation. While there will be no specified maximum time allotted for each presentation you should aim to be able to complete your portion in around 15 minutes. The attending and residents will guide additional discussion. Please notify student coordinator and residency coordinator (both listed above--generally your first point of contact should be student coordinator) of your topic and who is assisting you (faculty/resident). This will be added to the Grand Rounds memo that is e-mailed each week.

The presentation should include the following information:

  • Title slide
  • History and Physical, Include:
    • Include CC, HPI, PMH, Past Ocular History, meds, SH, FOH, ROS etc as pertinent
    • Slit lamp exam / photos
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Overview of disease
  • Pathology
  • Work up
  • Management
  • Natural History / prognosis
  • Patient update
  • Patient explanation--one slide on how you would discuss the disease and treatment with the patient
  • References