The Ophthalmology Residency

Cataract surgery training as a senior occurs throughout the duration of the year at the VA, the main campus, and at Augusta State Medical Prison. The seniors who are graduating from our program typically average around 200 cases as primary surgeon. Most graduates leave our program proficient in topical, clear-corneal cataract surgery using the horizontal chop technique. We have the Alcon Centurion platform at the VA, Augusta University and the Augusta State Medical Prison. At Augusta University, we also have the Bausch and Lomb Stellaris phaco machine which uses a venturi system rather than the peristaltic pump of the Alcon platform. Both Alcon and Bausch and Lomb lenses are utilized at the main campus. LRIs are taught at the VA and ASMP. Torics are used at the VA and AU. The ASMP rotation provides a unique exposure to complex cases of zonular deficiency, as trauma in that environment is not uncommon. CTR placement exposure is quite frequent in that setting. Floppy iris cases are very common at the VA. Graduates who enter fellowships have indicated to our program that they feel very competent in the management of complex cataracts.

Each senior is given off-campus leave and partial funding to attend an ophthalmology meeting of their choice. Typically, the seniors also participate in the "Cataract Surgery: Telling it like it is" course in Florida, as well. It is a wonderful course and very well attended. Many residents also elect to go to a B&L phaco course in addition to those above.

Several options are available for off-campus interview leave for residents searching for employment or interviewing for fellowships. Call concludes in May of this year.

Our residents currently split the duties of the chief resident during their final year.

* disclaimer...this structure and these parameters are only summaries. We reserve the right to alter them according to the needs of our training program.