Why Select the University System of Georgia MD/PhD Program?

The Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University was founded in 1828 and is the 13th oldest medical school in the nation. As the largest medical school in Georgia and one of the ten largest medical schools in the United States, upon graduation, you will join a vast and powerful network of alumni. Our established and highly personalized program offers comprehensive training coupled with numerous advantages.



 Complete your medical training in Augusta or Athens

 Complete your graduate studies at one of four nationally ranked universities:

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Enter the Traditional Program when you begin medical school, or after completing one, two, or even three years of medical school.

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 Small program sizes allows for a greater level of interaction and support from professors and researchers.  

 Our Current Topics in Translational Medicine Research course will develop critical thinking, presentation, and        networking skills needed to publish scientific papers and translate research findings into clinical practice. 

 Prepare and submit a predoctoral research fellowship during your PhD program. This will provide real-world      experience in successful grant writing, and help you stand out from others as you progress in your career.  

 Longitudinal Clinical Experience partners students with clinical mentors and integrates medical training throughout graduate research years.



You will be part of a program that encourages student participation and input.

The program places an advanced student with voting privileges on its admissions committee.

Students are active in recruitment, program design and goal setting.




 Your tuition will be waived and you will receive an annual living stipend. The program also covers most additional academic    expenses. What’s more, the cost of living in Georgia is considerably less than in many other states.