Post Tenure Review Standing Subcommittee


This standing subcommittee shall consist of a chair and eight additional members. The chair shall hold the rank of professor and must be tenured. Subcommittee members shall be elected for three year rotating terms. They should have previously served on the Faculty Appointments, Development, Promotion, and Tenure (FADPT) Committee.

This standing subcommittee is governed by the existing policies and rules as developed by the faculty. This standing subcommittee shall operate similar to the Faculty Appointments, Development, Promotion, and Tenure Committee (FADPT).


This subcommittee shall review each tenured faculty member on a five year rotating basis. The subcommittee serves in an advisory capacity to the dean of the Medical College of Georgia and the president of Augusta University.

Post Tenure Review Standing Subcommittee Membership:

Mark Hamrick, Professor, tenure, Cellular Biology & Anatomy, Chair (2022)
Mike Brands, PhD, Regent's Professor, tenure, Physiology, (2022)

Wendy Bollag, PhD, Professor, tenure, Physiology (2022)
Lara Stepleman, PhD, Professor, Psychiatry & Health Behavior (2021)
Katie Davis, PhD, Professor, tenure, Medicine (2021)
Martha Tingen, PhD, Professor, tenure, Medicine (2021)
Kathryn Bollinger, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, tenure, Ophthalmology (2020)
Laura Carbone, MD, MS, Professor, tenure, Medicine (2020)
Scott Barman, PhD, Professor, tenure, Pharmacology & Toxicology (2020)
Vincent Robinson, MD, President, MCG Faculty Senate