Dean's Student Research Committee

This standing committee shall consist of a chair and nine other members. Members shall serve for a term of three years with three members replaced each year.
 The chairman shall have served previously as a member of the committee for at least one year.

This committee shall make recommendations to the Dean regarding students who are to be considered for awards for research projects. Students who desire to be considered for these awards shall submit proposals for research projects; these shall be evaluated by the committee.  
The committee shall formulate programs designed to stimulate student interest in research. The committee is responsible for advocating adequate financial support for the student research projects.

Committee Membership 
Richard Cameron, PhD, Neuroscience & Regenerative Medicine, Chair
Renuka Mehta, MBBS, Pediatrics
Roni Bollag, MD, PhD, Pathology
Katie Davis, PhD, Pediatrics 
David Stepp, PhD, Physiology
Ramon Parrish, MD, Family Medicine
David Kriegel, MD, Family Medicine
Michael Brands, PhD, Physiology
Brian Stansfield, MD, Pediatrics
Bejal Patel, MD, Pediatrics 
Wendy Bollag, PhD, President, Faculty Senate, ex-officio, voting