Transfer with Advanced Standing Subcommittee


This subcommittee is chaired by either the chair or co-chair of the Admissions Committee and includes six other faculty members serving on the Admissions Committee.  The selection of faculty members to serve on the subcommittee will be made by the Associate Dean for Admissions, with the approval of the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, and all committee members will be clinicians.


Transfer with Advance Standing Subcommittee will evaluate applicants who desire transfer from other LCME accredited medical schools into Phase 3 of MCG's curriculum.

The actions of this subcommittee are recommendations to the full Admissions Committee which must endorse the acceptance of each student.

Committee Members

Kelli Braun, MD, Associate Dean, Admissions, Chair
Howard Cohen, MD (2019)
David Cearley, MD (2019)
BobbyLynn Lee, MD (2019)
John Thornton, MD (2018)
Zsolt Bagi, MD, PhD (2018)