Postdoctoral Fellows of DNRM


Debra Irsik, PhD

2015 - PhD -  Univ. of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE

Telephone: 706-721-0707
Room:  CA1050

Mentor:  Carlos Isales, MD
Research Interests:  Kidney-Bone Axis in Aging

Chen Li, PhD

2013 - PhD - Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Nanjing Agricultural University

Telephone: 706-721-8666
Room: CA2055

Mentor: Xin Yun Lu, MD, PhD
Research Interests:  Epigenetics, adipose differentiation, agining and depression

Jeremy Sword, Phd

2012 - PhD - Medical College of Georgia

Telephone:  706-721-5486
Room:  CB3909

Mentor:  Sergei Kirov, PhD
Research Interests:  Neurodegeneration following spreading depolarization in stroke and traumatic brain injury

Yuting Chen, PhD

2017  -  PhD  - Neuropharmacology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Telephone:  706-721-8767
Room:  CA2050A

Mentor:  Xin-Yun Lu, MD, PhD

Research Interests:  Neuropharmacology and Alzheimer's Disease

lEI lI, pHD

2003  -  MS  -  Xuhou Medical University
2018  -  PhD  -  Nanjing Medical University
Telephone:  706-449-4283
Room:  CA3050A

Mentor:  Quanguang Zhang, PhD

Research Interests:  Alzheimer's Disease

xuhui dong, phd

2011  -  MS  -  Ningbo University
2017  -  PhD  -  Zhejiang University
Telephone:  706-721-0875
Room:   CA3054A

Mentor:   Lin Gan, PhD

Research Interests:  LIM-codes in the development and disease of the retina and inner ear.

takahiro fuchigami, phd

2013 - PhD - Tokyo Metropolitan University
Telephone:  706-721-9059
Room:  CA4040

Mentor:  Robert K. Yu, PhD, Med.ScD.

Research Interests:  Physiological function of gangliosides in adult neurogenesis.

ming guo, phd

syed waseem bihaqi, phd

liang huang, Phd

2014 - PhD - Ophthalmology, Nanchang University

Telephone:  706-721-0930
Room:  CA3055

Mentor:  Lin Gan, PhD

Research Interests:  Transcriptional control of neuronal subtype in the retina

fang hu, phd

2005 - MD - Clinical Medicine, Nanchang University
2011 - MS - Clinical Bioinformatics, Wuhan University

Telephone:  706-721-0930
Room:  CA3055

Mentor:  Lin Gan, PhD

Research Interests:  Gene editing using CRISPR/Cas9 and embryonic stem cells approaches