Mice and Other Services



  • Live mouse distribution from the core's mouse model sharing program
  • C57BL/6J mice male/female age of 3+ weeks (Wild type mice for the control group or practice)
  • Time-mated pregnant C57BL/6J or ICR female mice
  • Lactating C57BL/6J or ICR mouse with litter at P0-P7
  • CMV-Cre mice
  • Rosa26-FLPe mice


  • Mouse sperm cryopreservation. Sperm cryopreservation is a cost-effective way to protect live mouse colonies. Procedures for sperm cryopreservation include euthanizing 2 male mice (10-16 weeks of age) from each line to be cryopreserved, collection and cryopreservation of sperms, quality control throughout cryopreservation process and free storage in liquid nitrogen up to 3 years.
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF) using frozen sperms.


  • Mouse strain rederivation by embryo transfer and rederivation of pathogen free mouse lines. The investigator will superovulate and mate 4+ females of 3 weeks of age per strain. The core will collect pre-implantation stage embryos using mice supplied by the investigator. The embryos will then be implanted into foster females. This service is used for elimination of mouse pathogens.
  • Mouse strain revival from frozen embryos. The core will thaw the frozen embryos provided by the users and transfer them to foster females to recover live mice.
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF) using fresh sperms or live mice. The investigator will provide the core with 2 male mice (10-16 weeks of age). IVF will be used to produce large numbers of live mice from live male sperm donors OR to re-derive and clean up mouse strains from pathogens.


  • PCR and sequence confirmation of CRISPR/transgenic founders.
  • Cre or FLP breeding service.