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The Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University's Department of Dermatology prides itself on excellence in clinical training, education, and research.  To that end, we are looking for applicants who will assist us maintain and further these goals.  Given the large number of highly qualified applicants we get for our three residency positions each year, we have a firm cut off of 230 for Step 1 and 245 for Step 2 in order for us to review your application.  While we accept applications from across the United States and abroad, we tend to prioritize review of applications for students who have shown direct interest in our program such as by doing an away rotation with us in the fourth year of medical school, or students who have meaningful personal reasons for wanting to be in the Augusta area.  We require 3 letters of recommendation to accompany your application.

This year, our interview dates for external applicants will be on January 22 and 29 of 2021.  We hope to send out invites for these interviews by November 30, 2020.  We are planning to interview around 24 candidates for our three positions.  As required by the AMA our interviews this year will be virtual, but we still hope to afford candidates an in-depth look at our program and a chance to get to know our outstanding residents and faculty.  Email is the preferred method of communication for any questions about our program that may arise.

Thank you for your interest in our program!

Residents per year:  3


■ Resident camaraderie

■ Great learning environment

■ Attending involvement in teaching

■ Quality & diversity of medical training

■ Competitive cost of living

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Since 1967, over 159 residents have satisfactorily completed their residencies at Augusta University, and 9 are currently in training. The majority of trainees are in the full-time clinical practice of Dermatology, with the majority being located in the Southeastern United States, and thirteen practicing in Augusta. However, former residents now are located as far as Texas, Arizona, California, Montana, Maryland, Oregon, Pennsylvania and New York. Four former residents are in full-time academic dermatology.

The Dermatology Training Program continues to attract excellent resident applicants. Currently, three residents per year are accepted for training. In addition to dermatology residents, the department offers a one month elective in Dermatology to residents from other specialties including Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Family Medicine, and Pathology. Approximately 30-35 residents from these services are on the dermatology elective yearly.

Clinical training in patient care is conducted primarily at the Augusta University Hospital and Clinics, and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Training is graduated and comprehensive, with increasing levels of responsibility throughout the three year residency program. Over the years, newer and more sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic modalities have been introduced into the training program, including cryosurgery, photo-testing equipment, phototherapy units, Mohs Micrographic Surgery and laser therapy.

Training in Dermatopathology is carried out through:

  1. Pathology conferences in which biopsies from patients are reviewed with the dermatopathologist and unknown slides are discussed by the residents
  2. A series of didactic lectures in dermatopathology
  3. Slide conferences
  4. Monthly visiting professors of dermatopathology
  5. Travel allowances for dermatopathology seminars at a regional or national level.


photo of Ms. Jennifer Marie Foskey

Ms. Jennifer Marie Foskey

  • Residency Program Coordinator
  • Assistant to Drs. Belcher, Potter, and Thakore