The MCG 3+ program, which launched in Fall 2020, creates individualized medical education options for our students, while ensuring continued achievement of MCG’s established MD program competencies. Beginning with the Class of 2024, and following completion of the core MCG 3+ curriculum in three years, students will have three career-enhancing pathways from which to choose.                                                                 

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Upon completion of extensive advising during the MCG Core and an application process, qualified students will have the option to graduate and enter the PGY-1 year of a primary care residency program in Georgia (in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, General Surgery, or Obstetrics and Gynecology). The PGY-1 pathway will provide students with the skills and competencies essential to primary care practice, provide purposeful career mentoring by primary care faculty, and facilitate the transition of participants into the PGY-1 year of a preferred career residency program. This parthway will also reduce the financial burden on students with well-established primary care career intentions by allowing them to meet all MCG MD graduation requirements in three years.

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Allows students to complete the core curriculum in 3 years, then complete a dual degree program at Augusta University in their 4th year of study. Students may choose from dual degree programs in business (MBA), public health (MPH), education (MEd), and biomedical science (MS).

Students will complete the core curriculum in 3 years, and use their final year to complete training, research, and coursework in their chosen specialty field. Most students will graduate under the MCG 3+ Advanced Residency Prep pathway.



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