The Histology Core is a “full service” core that provides many services for light level microscopy as well as immunohistochemistry staining.   You bring us your fixed or frozen tissue samples, tell us what you want and we do the rest.

****The Electron Microscopy Core is also located within this same laboratory  It is a full service facility and the Core staff performs all aspects of the ultrastructural procedures from specimen processing to imaging.  For more information please see the Electron Microscopy Core “services” on our Overview page.

The Core offers a variety of services for light level microscopy.

  • Experienced technical staff
  • Initial and ongoing consultation
  • Specimen processing and embedding for paraffin and cryostat
  • Cut sections and mount on superfrost plus slides from paraffin, frozen and JB-4 blocks
  • Cut frozen cryostat sections and mount on superfrost slides or we offer free floating
  • Routine H&E staining and various other histological special stains, PASH, Masson Trichrome, Van Gieson and many others.
  • Immunohistochemistry staining
  • Vibratome sectioning
  • MMA sectioning

We can provide some services not listed above.  Please contact the staff with your requirements.