Cellular Biology and Anatomy

Cell biology is a dynamic field rooted in the anatomical sciences.  It focuses on understanding structure and function of the cell, its physiological properties and the organization and function of the organelles that comprise it. 

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Our department is dedicated to understanding cellular function through state-of-the art research in areas such as autophagy and apoptosis, bone metabolism, developmental biology, molecular motors, dysphagia/swallowing disorders, exosome biology, renal disease, stem cell research, vision science (retina and cornea), and cell wounding. 

We are dedicated to conveying new knowledge to future scientists and educating the next generation of scientists, clinicians and other healthcare professionals.   We welcome your interest in our department and invite you to learn more about exciting research and educational opportunities within the department!

The Department of Cellular Biology and Anatomy has as its core mission the advancement of outstanding research and education. We work collaboratively to discover new knowledge through innovative biomedical research, to transmit that knowledge to students, and to train future researchers, educators and health care professionals.


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Cellular Biology and Anatomy

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