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Reese Library is an academic library, primarily intended to support the educational, teaching, research, and administrative needs of the faculty, staff, and students of Augusta University (Augusta University). We extend the privilege of library use to outside researchers and adult members of the community. Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times


Augusta University faculty, staff and students must present a valid JagCard to borrow items and use other library privileges. Other users with borrowing privileges must present a valid picture ID and their user card. Items will be loaned only to the person to whom the ID card is issued. All access to Reese Library after 10:30 PM is restricted to students, faculty, and staff of Augusta Universtiy and all users are required to have their JagCard on their person after this time. Identification checks will be made and those without a valid JagCard will be asked to leave. The Augusta University Student Manual requires all students to possess their JagCards at all times on campus and to present said cards to any university official who requests to inspect it.


Banner Hold Policy for Reese Library

If a Augusta University Summerville faculty, staff, or student has Reese Library materials checked out or has a balance on their library account at the end of the semester a Banner hold will be placed on their account. When all material associated with that patron’s account has been returned and the entire balance paid, the Banner hold will be lifted. Banner holds will also be placed on student accounts with fines a week before priority registration.

The chart below details the standard loan periods and fines. Full time faculty may check out books from Reese Library's general collection and government information for the academic year with no renewals

Fines are assessed to ensure prompt return of items. Charges and fines are cumulative. They are not erased at the end of a semester or academic year. Check your library GIL account regularly. You are responsible for returning or renewing library items whether or not you receive an overdue notice.

University regulations require that all payments due for lost items and unpaid fines/fees be reported to the University Registrar at the close of each semester. Students who have not settled their library accounts before the end of the semester will not be permitted to graduate, to register for a subsequent semester, or to secure a transcript of their record at the University until such accounts are settled. Reese Library accepts cash, check, and online payments at

Item Type Loan Period Renew? Fines
Regular (books, government documents) 28 days twice** $.35/day*
DVD, VHS  3 days no $.35/day*
Reserve items (hourly) 2 hrs - In library
2 hrs - Overnight
4 hrs - In library
no $.35/hr
Reserve items (daily) 1/3/7 days no $5.00/day
CD-ROMS 28 days twice** $.35/day*
Bound Journals 3 days no $.35/day
Current Journals, Periodicals, Reference, Special Collections, Augusta-Richmond County Historical Society, Reese Room Library Use Only n/a n/a
Recalled items n/a n/a $1.00/day
Laptops 7 days twice $5.00/day*
Calculators 3 days twice $5.00/day*
Headphones 4 hrs twice $.35/hr*
Dry erase marker/eraser 4 hrs twice $.35/hr*

*When the fine reaches $10.00 a replacement charge is added to the patron's account.
**If a user has exhausted their two renewals or the book is overdue, the student must wait a period of 24 hours before checking out the book again.


Faculty, staff, and students must present their JagCard to borrow library items. You are responsible for all items checked out on your card. JagCards and borrowed items should be kept in a secure location and never loaned to others. A lost JagCard should be reported immediately to Public Safety and the JagCard office.

All circulation notices will be sent to Augusta University affiliates by JagMail only. Users should also check their GIL accounts regularly. Notices will be mailed to non-Augusta University affiliates. Changes of address should be reported to the library immediately.

Failure to receive notification does not relieve the borrower of the obligation to return items when they are due. The Library is not responsible for undelivered mail.

Borrower Present Upon Check Out Application Procedure Expiration Date of Card Book Limit
Augusta University Full-time Faculty Augusta University ID Fill out application form. End of Spring
Augusta University Part-time (or
Temporary) Faculty
Valid Augusta University ID Fill out application form. End of semester 50
Augusta University Staff Valid Augusta University ID Fill out application form. End of Spring semester 30
Augusta University Students Valid Augusta University ID Fill out application form. End of semester 30
Joint Enrollment High
School Students
Valid Augusta University ID Fill out application form. End of semester 30
Retired Augusta University Faculty and Staff Valid Augusta University ID Fill out application form. End of Spring semester 5
President's Club Special library
Verify from updated President's Club list. Fill out
application form.
One year 5
Augusta University Dependents special
library card
Faculty or staff member fill out application form for
spouse or high school age children.
December 31 5
Community Users (18
years or over)
Valid Augusta University
special library
card and picture
Display picture ID. Fill out application form.
$40/ year.
One year from date of application 5
Paine College Faculty,
Staff and Students
Valid Paine ID Fill out application form. End of semester 30
Faculty, Staff, and
Students from the
University System of
Valid picture ID Verified through the Alma System Alma System will
supply and verify
expiration date
Students under college
N/A May not borrow (unless Joint Enrolled or Augusta University
Faculty from Augusta Area Technical School Valid Augusta Tech ID Display a valid faculty ID from Augusta Area
Technical School. Fill out application form.
June 1st of current
school year
Augusta University Continuing Education
Faculty and Adult Students
Valid Augusta University
special library
Display letter from Continuing Education teacher or
administrator requesting that individuals be granted
library privileges for class purposes. Fill out
application form.
End of the semester
of application
State Institutions and
Board of Education
Valid Augusta University
special library
Display letter from employer asking that employee
be granted library privileges for business
purposes. Fill out application form.
1 year from


Residents of the Augusta-Richmond County area who are 18 years or older may obtain a Community User card at the Information Desk. Community Borrower memberships may be purchased in three month intervals for $10 per interval. The card entitles the user to check out up to a total of five (5) items from the University Libraries. Users must agree to conform to the rules and regulations of the library.

Community User library privileges do not include interlibrary loan, access to campus computer labs or the GALILEO password. Community users may access information resources on the Internet in the Reference Room without a user card. Computer use is limited to one sign in per day for a maximum of two hour session. The procedures for accessing these computers is here

Please see the Community User Borrowers for a complete outline of the Community Borrower privileges.


Reese Library provides computers for educational research to Augusta University students, faculty and staff.


Any minor over the age of 14, who wishes to use the University Libraries facilities must have his/her parent or guardian sign a consent form approved by Augusta University Office of Legal Affairs. The consent form will be kept on file at the respective library involved and must be updated on a yearly basis. The parent or guardian of any minor using the University Libraries is responsible for any fees, fines, damage to the library or its collections, or other costs incurred by the minor at the library.

The University Libraries provide unfiltered Internet access to information. The library collection contains legitimate academic images of anatomy and sexuality that some people may find objectionable. Therefore, a consent form is required.

Furthermore, it is against the law and Augusta University policy for anyone to use the Internet for any illegal purpose, such as the distribution of obscene materials to minors.

Augusta University reserves the right to revoke library privileges to those persons who fail to follow the rules of the University Libraries, and to remove such persons if necessary. Parents or guardians will be held responsible for any fees imposed on a minor pursuant to the rules of the libraries and for any damage to the libraries or their collections caused by said minor. The Libraries are not responsible for the safety or security of a minor beyond normal public safety standards. See the policy document here


All patrons must exit via the security gates at the main door. If the alarm sounds, library staff is required to determine the cause. All books, backpacks, brief cases, bags, and etc., will be checked.


Reese Library has five group study rooms and three presentation rooms that are available for Augusta University students, faculty, and staff. These rooms are now only able to be checked out online, []. Only the available hours for each room will be listed. The presentation rooms contain a computer and 42” flat screen monitor. The presentation rooms are limited to two hour checkouts per day, per person. The group study rooms are limited to a three hour checkout per day, per person. If a person is more than 10 minutes late for their reservation, the entire reservation (whether 30 minute or 3 hours) is no longer valid and any future reservation for that day may be canceled.


  • Any food may be consumed in study rooms or on the 2nd or 3rd floors of the library. Vending machine-type snack foods are allowed on the 1st floor, and no food is allowed in the Reese Room or Special Collections.
  • Beverages in approved, spill-resistant containers with securely fastened lids are allowed in Reese Library except by computers, in the Reese Room, or in Special Collections. Approved beverage containers include reusable cups with sealable lids, sport bottles, screw top bottles, straw-equipped bottles, aluminum cans, concession coffee cups with lids in place, and juice boxes. Unapproved beverage containers include Styrofoam, paper, or plastic cups without lids and uncapped bottles.
  • Spills should be reported immediately to the Information Desk (1st floor) so they can be cleaned up quickly to avoid permanent damage. Users are liable for any damage to library property and equipment caused by food or beverages.
  • Enforcement: All Library staff should inform patrons of this policy when appropriate. Library staff will enforce the policy. Individuals will be asked to discard non-allowed items, or to leave the building. If an individual causes a major disturbance or is a flagrant violator, then Library staff may call Public Safety.


The Information Desk is the place for "Lost and Found" items in Reese Library. Items are periodically released to Public Safety



Laptop computers are available with two renewals for checkout by Augusta University students with a valid JagCard. Laptops checkout is available at the Reese Library Information Desk for 7 days. Return the laptop to an Information Desk Staff member to ensure your account has been cleared as you will remain responsible for the laptop until it is checked in.


Laptops can be used anywhere on the Augusta University campuses. Wireless Internet access works in almost all buildings. Laptops may be used at home, but wireless access depends entirely on the user performing all required configuration and setup. Be sure to log-on to the laptop before leaving campus. Contact ITS (Information Technology Services) Helpdesk for assistance at (706)721-4000.

NOTE: All laptops are loaded with software to prevent changes. BE SURE TO SAVE YOUR WORK to media outside the laptop before turning it off.

Laptop usage guidelines/responsibilities:

Seven day loan period with two renewals.

Late charges $5.00 per day

Student must wait 24 hours to check out another laptop if at least 2 laptops are not available for checkout.

Habitual lateness may result in a suspension of Library privileges. This will be determined at the discretion of the Access Services Librarian and will be based on the amount of accrued overdue days; as well as how often this occurs.

The student is responsible for returning all parts of the laptop in good working order and will be held responsible for repair and/or replacement of any laptop not working upon return. Replacement cost will be determined at the time of loss or damage, up to the cost to replace the entire laptop, plus a processing charge of $15.00. If you encounter any problem while the laptop is in your possession, please let the Information Desk Staff member know when you return the laptop.


At this time, printing from the laptops is unavailable. To print, save your work to a CDR or USB flash drive and print from any Summerville campus computer lab.


Do NOT leave the laptop unattended on campus or loan it to others.

Do NOT depend on the laptop clock for timing the return of a laptop to the Information Desk.

Do NOT expose the devices to temperature extremes, water, etc.

Do NOT load additional software or tamper with the existing hardware or software on devices.

Students using Augusta University electronic devices are subject to the Information Systems Security and Computer Usage Policy.

Misuse of devices or non-compliance with written usage policies may result in loss of check out privileges.


Calculators and Headphones

Calculators checkout for 1 day and can be renewed twice.

Headphones checkout for 4 hours and can be renewed twice.