To all our retirees for 2020, we sincerely appreciate your hard work and contributions throughout your years of service. Your commitment to AU has been much appreciated. Thank you for your many wonderful years of service!


Christos Bourdouvalis
Headshot of Carol Giardina
Professor, CAHSS-Social Sciences

30 Years

Dr. Christos Bourdouvalis has contributed immensely not only to the political science program at Augusta University but to Study Abroad and to the USG European Studies program. He is a professor of Political Science and the Associate Director of the USG’s European Studies Certificate. He has services as acting chair of Political Science and as the study abroad coordinator. He has taught hundreds, if not thousands of students, political science and has taken many to conferences on European Studies.
Kim Davies, PhD, Department Chair, CAHSS 

Jasper Cooke
Headshot of Jasper Cooke
Deputy Chief of Police, Public Safety

20 Years

Jasper has been a cornerstone of campus law enforcement in Georgia and nationwide for over 40 years. Augusta University and its police department have benefited from his many years of experience for 20 of those years. Jasper has a servant's heart and that shows in how he takes care of those in the department, the university and the larger community. Jasper's smile and personality are infectious, and will be missed as he retires in April. We are sure he will find another "bucket" to be successful in. Jasper- we will miss you!
James C. Lyon, Jr., Assistant Vice President/Chief, Augusta University, Public Safety and Police 

Carol Giardina
Headshot of Carol Giardina
Director, Military & Veteran's Services

25 Years

For the past 25 years, Carol Giardina has modeled what it truly means to be student-centered. As a student advocate, she has devoted her life’s work to creating access for students to reach their learning and life goals. With her retirement this summer, Carol leaves a legacy of military-friendly practices and opportunities for future students.
Susan Davies, PhD, Vice President, Enrollment and Student Affairs 

Sharon Gregg
Headshot of Sharon Gregg
Denials and Appeals Specialist, Patient  Accounts

15 Years

Sharon Gregg has provided the Health System with dedicated service for 15 years.  She has worked in many different areas within the CBO assisting with denial management, coding and account receivables.  She could always be counted to give 100% and provide thorough account analysis.  She thought outside of the box and loved solving difficult accounts.  We truly appreciate all of her hard work and dedication and she will be missed tremendously.
Tina Camacho, CPB, Manager of Denials and Payment Variance, Physician Billing-AU Health System

Robin Harless
Headshot of Robin Harless
Supervisory Medical Technologist, Microbiology

35 Years

Robin was a wonderful employee and friend. Whatever project or assignment I asked of her, Robin gave 110% of herself.  Her commitment to patient care was her top priority.
Deanna Craig, Lab Clinical Operations Manager, AUMC

Sara Haddow-Liebel
Headshot of Sara Haddow-Liebel
Associate Professor, CAHS-Physician Assistant Pogram

20 Years

Sara is a wonderful Associate Professor whom you can tell loves teaching our students. She is articulate and professional in all aspects of her teaching.  She has always been at the ready to pave new pathways to learning in her role as Education Director within the Physician Assistant Department. She is respected by faculty, staff and students.  She always will make time to see students when they seek her advice.
Judith Stallings, EdD, Associate Dean, College of Allied Health Sciences 

Lucy Marion
Headshot of Lucy Marion
Dean, CON-College of Nursing

16 Years

Dr. Lucy Marion was our truly fearless leader of the Augusta University College of Nursing for 15 years, and we are the fortunate beneficiaries of her vision, passion, and plain old hard work. That vision, which was to advance the College of Nursing as the flagship of the University System of Georgia in nursing education and a leader in innovative nursing practice, will forever be reflected in her legacy here. We were privileged to ride the wave Lucy created and reap its benefits. Ever onward, Lucy!
Gretchen B. Caughman, PhD, EVP, Academic Affairs & Provost

Charlene Martin
Headshot of Charlene Martin
Director of Nursing Services, GCHC-Augusta Administrative Office

14 Years

Charlene has been a valued contributor to the success of GCHC. As GCHC senior nurse, executive, Charlene has been a strong advocate for all nurses and patient care staff. She has enjoyed many successes including leading multiple facilities to a successful accreditation for each initial ACA application as well as the development of nursing protocols.
Chad Knight, Executive Director, Georgia Correctional HealthCare

Julia O'Bryant
Headshot of Julia O'Bryant
Registered Nurse, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

30 Years

Julia served as a stellar Neonatal Nurse for many years. She cared for critically ill and premature babies with compassion and presicion.
Ruth Wilson, Nurse Manager, Neo Intensive Care Unit


David Santa Ana
Headshot of David Santa Ana
Director, Parking &Transportation, Parking Administration

5 Years

David Santa Ana was hired as the director to help facilitate the consolidation of the two institutions with an expanded shuttle program. He had excellent experience and knowledge of parking systems. He was well respected by his staff and will be missed as he moves forward with his next opportunity in retirement.
Dale Hartenburg, Associate Vice President, Campus Services & Chief Auxillary Officer, Office of the Vice President of Student Services & Development 

Mozell Smith
Headshot of Mozell Smith
Regional Nurse Manager, GCHC-Patient Care Services

20 Years

I began my career with AU (Medical College of Georgia) in 2000 after moving to Georgia from Wisconsin. I had worked in Juvenile corrections in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and working with the adult population was an uneventful transition. I started my career with the company as a staff nurse at Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison.  My DON at the time, Marilyn Lloyd told me because of my organization skills she would like for me to become the CIC nurse. I taught myself how to do chronic care based on the manual as I did not get an orientation and turned a failing system around. I think my willingness to help my co-workers and my sincere desire to do a good job provided me additional opportunities to advance. I became the ADON after being the CIC nurse for several years. I was interim DON several times as we changed Directors of Nursing before finally accepting the position permanently. I remained in the DON position at GDCP until accepting the Regional Nurse Manager for the Central Region in 2018. I decided to retire in February to enjoy my grandchildren and spend time with my older siblings. I am proud of a nursing career that has spanned 37 years." If I have helped someone along the way, then my living shall not have been in vain.
Mozell Smith, RN, Retired

Kathryn Thompson
Headshot of Kathryn Thompson
Asoc. Dir., Academic Advisement, Academic Advisement Center

42 Years

For more than 42 years, Kathy Thompson helped students grow and develop at Augusta University. Kathy’s legacy stretched across both student and academic affairs. She worked for several years in student life helping students discover the amazing opportunities that co-curricular campus involvement provides. Through her work in academic affairs she helped guide students undecided about a program of study explore their interests and aptitudes to best position them for academic success. Her dream of a department where professional staff advisors could dedicate their time to the support of all freshmen and sophomore students was realized when the Academic Advisement Center was created in 2013. Her dedication and commitment to the students, staff and faculty at Augusta University was unwavering and unparalleled.
Katherine H. Sweeney, Assistant Vice President for Student Success, Director, Academic Advisement Center

John Wilson
Headshot of John Wilson
Neonatal Specialist, MCG-Pediatric Neonatology

40 Years

Over the past 40 years, Johnny Wilson has provided exemplary service in a number of different neonatal roles. In addition to being a Senior Staff Nurse in the NICU, Johnny served as the ECMO/Transport Supervisor before eventually transitioning to becoming our Neonatal Outreach Educator. Johnny’s passion for ensuring that the region’s smallest patients receive excellent care is evident in the dedication that he displays in his daily work. He has enthusiastically taught neonatal resuscitation and clinical care to hundreds of physicians, nurses, medical students, and emergency services personnel within our institution and throughout the Augusta perinatal region making a long lasting impact on the lives of children in Georgia and beyond.
Amy Judson, MBA, Project Coordinator, Children’s Hospital of Georgia- Pediatrics