Key Highlights of the Program

  • Gives you the opportunity to study topics such as: Cybersecurity, Algorithms, Networking, Distributed Computing, Machine Learning, and More
  • Offers you a richly interactive experience for students to work directly with our outstanding faculty
  • Enjoy the Below Average Cost of Living in Augusta, GA

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Mark Harris, PhD
Program Director

Wennie Squires
Program Coordinator 
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The Master of Science in Computer Science program teaches the core competencies of computer science. This program is a face-to-face program that allows students to learn from world-class faculty in a highly-interactive environment. Students can choose between a thesis-based track or a non-thesis-based track.


Applicants for this program are expected to have undergraduate degrees in computer science or related disciplines. This preparation gives students the necessary mathematical and computer science foundations needed for success. Typical applicants have GPAs over 3.0 and have earned top grades in most of their attempted computer science related courses.

Meet The Program Director

Mark Harris, PhD  Program Director

"We are very excited about this new program that is designed to provide students with comprehensive graduate-level knowledge of the theoretical and applied aspects of computer science. For students who may want to pursue a research career or continue their studies at the doctoral level we have a thesis-based option allowing them to engage in research." 

 Mark Harris, PhD