Trainees - sign up now to participate!  This is a great opportunity to share your research with the AU community, hone your presentation skills, get helpful feedback and win an award. 

Abstract & advisor agreement form submission

1) Prepare Your Abstract:

    • Abstract title- no longer than 160 characters
    • Abstract- no longer than 1500 characters (approximately 250 words)

2) Submit your Abstract:  Submit you abstract for Graduate Research Day by February 12th  by using the ABSTRACT SUBMISSION FORM. 


3) Submit your GRD Advisor Agreement Form:

    • After submitting your abstract, you and your mentor will receive a copy of your GRD Advisor Agreement Form.
    • Your mentor should complete and email the signed form back to Chadwick Heard (
    • A signed advisor agreement form is required for participation.

concurrent moderated "poster" sessions - virtual 

1) Create 1-5 presentation slides based on your original research

2) Record your 5 minute (maximum time limit) presentation. Participants will have a total of 7 minutes during their presentation session (5 minute presentation and 2-3 minute Q&A)

File Format:  MP4 with a standard resolution of (1920 x 1080)

3) Submit your pre-recorded video in an MP4 with a  standard resolution of 1920x1080 format. Please use the following naming convention for your video submission: Last name-First name-Degree-Program.

 Upload pre-recorded videos  

Submission Deadline: March 10, 2021

Group Project Submission: Each student in a group project must submit a separate submission and present their contribution to the group project.


postdoctoral oral presentations session - Virtual

Ten abstracts will be selected for presentation at the Postdoctoral Oral session on March 25.  These presentations will be:

  • 15 minutes in length (10-12 minute presentation and 3-5 minute Q&A)
  • Presentations will be virtual and not pre-recorded submissions

Those not selected for a 15 minute oral presentation on March 25 will submit a 5 minute pre-recorded presentation to be part of the March 26 Concurrent Moderated "Poster" Sessions. 

Eligibility to Participate

  • Students enrolled in a graduate program at Augusta University
  • Augusta University Postdoctoral Fellows
  • Augusta University Medical Residents 
  • Students enrolled in the UGA College of Pharmacy / Augusta University Partnership Program

Group Project Submission: Each student in a group project must submit a separate submission and present their contribution to the group project. 

First-year Graduate Students: First-year students can participate in GRD but are not eligible to receive awards. 


Participants may be eligible for awards such as:

  • Fisher Scientific and Phi Kappa Phi Award for Excellence in Biomedical Research
  • Ji Cheng Memorial (Award for Excellence in Research by a biomedical sciences student in the early years of training)
  • Excellence in Program/Discipline
  • TGS Awards for Excellence in Research by a Graduate Student
  • Excellence in Research by a Postdoctoral Fellow (Poster & Oral)


GRD Event Information

Questions? Contact:

Jennifer Sullivan, PhD
Interim Dean
The Graduate School 

Rudolf Lucas, PhD
Graduate Research Day Chair