Our first service project for the fall semester was aimed to welcome new biomedical students to the program by pairing them with an upperclassman graduate student mentor. This was the second year that the BSA has organized the student mentorship program. It seemed especially important this year to set up these contacts for the first-year students since the amount of in person student gatherings was limited due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  All in all, a great way to welcome incoming students, provide helpful resources and start life-long friendships.


We participated in a pen pal project for the residents of the Georgia War Veterans Nursing Home. With the help of friends and family, we were able to send all 98 residents a card of thanks and encouragement. (Photos: our the post office collection box and the cards collected). 


The October service project involves creating “Storytime with a Scientist” videos for the Richmond Public Library children’s program. The first video is aimed at younger children and will include Caryn Bird reading the Humpty Dumpty story, Emily Parker doing an egg experiment to show how we could have made Humpty Dumpty bounce, and Stan the Skeleton Man offering tips on how to keep our bones healthy. The second video will be for older children and will include Sarah Ray and Hannah Youngblood explaining how the kidneys work using a coffee filter demonstration and Lindsey Ramirez showing how we can assess kidney health by measuring the amount of urinary protein. Both videos will include Hanna Reinhart demonstrating a do-at-home “Elephant Toothpaste” experiment (photo). This project is still ongoing - check back for links to the videos.

student outside with science experiment


Thankful baskets for essential workers

For the November service project,  “Thankful Baskets” were assembled for AU and AU Health essential workers. Each participating department was given a basket to fill with candy, snacks, gift cards, and/or notes of thanks and encouragement. The baskets will be delivered to housekeeping and hospital staff to show our gratitude and appreciation for all they have done and continue to do every day. The project was also an interdepartmental contest to see which department collected the most goodies. 


Biomedical Student Association Toy DriveFor the December Service Project, we had a toy drive. We collected toys, books, and clothing for the Boys and Girls Club of the CSRA and Toys for Tots. 

Jan - Feb | Clean your Closets Clothes Drive 

In January/February, we had a campus-wide “Clean Your Closets Clothes Drive” that collected clothes for the Augusta Dream Center and sports clothes for local school kids through a program called “Gear Up”. 

March | American Heart Association Fundraiser 

In March, we coordinated the annual fundraiser for the American Heart Association (AHA) at the AR Workshop in North Augusta. 10% of proceeds went to the AHA. 

April | earth day cleanup

two students throwing away trash

In April, we had planned an Earth Day cleanup of the Savannah River watershed in conjunction with Savannah Riverkeeper. 






May | Month of Miracles Fundraiser 

Month of Miracles Mural with donation balloons

The month of May was dedicated to childhood disease awareness. The BSA raised funds for the Children’s Hospital of Georgia through the Month of Miracles fundraiser, and several students made story time videos for the children staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Augusta. The theme of both projects was “Keep Looking Up!”



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