Why Give

The reason to give is simple: to make change happen. Our donors give students an avenue to success. They give a researcher a path to a breakthrough. They give a patient hope. Every gift fuels Augusta University as it takes steps to change the world.

To Make a Difference

When you make a gift to Augusta University it truly makes a difference in the lives of our students, faculty and patients. Whether you’re supporting a particular program, scholarship, research or clinic, your contributions ensure the quality of education and patient care that sustains our reputation for excellence. Not only are you helping us grow, but your gifts inspire others to give as well. Together we can make a difference!

2019-2020 Augusta University Annual Report

MCG 3+ Case Statement

Baseball/Softball Complex Case Statement

To Tell Your Story

Giving to Augusta University is a way to tell your story. Whether you’re passionate about helping students travel the world, about giving our athletes the best equipment to train on or you want to share the connections you made as a patient or a loved one of a patient, your stories inspire us and the community. Find out why others give to Augusta and share your stories with us.

To Leave a Legacy

You have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy at Augusta University through our giving societies and naming opportunity programs. Often times the most lasting impression we can leave is the capacity in which we share with others and the generosity by which we provide for future generations.

To leave your legacy, contact Philanthropy & Alumni Engagement.

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Your support paves the way for continued success at Augusta University.