Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Fellowship

Apply for 2018-2019 USG SoTL Fellowship Program

This system-wide fellows program is designed to foster a community of learners around the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL), and to provide support while participants design and implement a classroom-based research project.
During the length of the program, participants will:

  • Craft research questions to explore their topic of interest
  • Determine type(s) of data needed
  • Determine appropriate methods and analysis
  • Collect data
  • Learn how to analyze data, write up results and conclusions, and prepare manuscripts for publication

2018-2019 USG SoTL Fellowship Program Information

Submit your application to the Office of Faculty Development and Teaching Excellence on or before Wednesday, October 18.
AU USG SoTL Fellowship Application

OFDTE Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Fellows


hauger heckman spencer stuart
Andy Hauger, PhD
Chemistry & Physics
Christina Heckman, PhD
English & Foreign Languages
Angie Spencer, PhD
Chemistry & Physics
Ansley Stuart, KS
Greenblatt Library


Jack C. Borders, PhD - Otolaryngology
Dr. Borders, would like to develop a program for training empathy in young physicians

Thomas A. Artelt, PhD - Sociology, Criminal Justice, & Social Work
Dr. Artelt has plans to examine mechanisms for social work students to understand physical disability

William Bryant, PhD - Communications
Dr. Bryant intends to examine the effect of meditation practice on student learning

Pamela Hayward, PhD - Communications
Dr. Hayward is interested in deception in faculty-student interaction

Nicole Meyer, PhD - English & Foreign Languages
Dr. Meyer will focus on the importance of embedding culture in a course in Medical French

Stephanie Northington, PhD - Psychological Sciences
Dr. Northington will develop a project to examine student preparation for a Quantitative Methods course

SoTL celebrationDr. Deborah Richardson (left), with current SoTL Fellows & incoming Fellows at the Celebration of Faculty


The Office of Faculty Development & Teaching Excellence, SOTL Fellows, 2015-2016

(From left to right)
Jessica S. Schwind, PhD -
Biostatistics & Epidemiology
Thomas Weeks, MLIS - Reese Library
Nickie Reich, MS, Lecturer - Mathematics
Deborah Richardson, PhD, Office of Faculty Development & Teaching Excellence
Melissa Johnson, MLIS - Library & , English & Foreign Languages
Rhonda Armstrong, PhD - English & Foreign Languages
Trinanjan Datta, PhD - Chemistry & Physics
Quentin Hartmann, PhD - Psychological Sciences