The DEI Steering Committee serves as the strategic planning and advising body for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) at Augusta University.

The committee provides guidance and consultation on a quarterly basis to the Chief Diversity Officer in the development and implementation of a university wide Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion, which will be designed to create an affirming, inclusive, and equitable campus community. The DEI Steering Committee advises, assists, supports, and advocates on matters that impact the overall efficiency and effectiveness of ODI, with a specific focus on the development and implementation of a university strategic plan for diversity, equity and inclusion.

FY20 DEI Steering Committee Leaders

photo of Patrice Jackson

Patrice Jackson

  • Assistant VP, Student Affairs
photo of Brittney Alls

Brittney Alls

  • Dir., Ethics & Compliance
  • -
  • AU
photo of Michael Casdorph

Michael Casdorph

  • Vice
  • President/CIO
photo of Seretha Williams

Seretha Williams

  • Department Chair,
  • CAHSS-English & World Language
photo of Cedric Johnson

Cedric Johnson

  • Director, Community
  • Affairs
photo of Cliff Gardiner

Cliff Gardiner

  • Associate Dean, CSM
photo of Kimberly Davies

Kimberly Davies

  • Interim Dean,
  • CAHSS-Pamplin College
photo of Karla Leeper

Karla Leeper

  • EVP, Operations
photo of Ketarya Hunt Bass

Ketarya Hunt Bass

  • DCG Dir, Community
  • Outreach Pg
photo of Clint Bryant

Clint Bryant

  • Director of Athletics
photo of William Flowers

William Flowers

  • Director Pastoral Counseling
photo of Kathy Browder

Kathy Browder

  • Assoc Provost, Faculty
  • Affairs
photo of Yvonne Turner

Yvonne Turner

  • EVP Finance/CBO
photo of Kevin Frazier

Kevin Frazier

  • Vice Dean, DCG
photo of Kristina Baggott

Kristina Baggott

  • Associate VP, Volunteer
  • Services & Engagement