Finding Internet Access

Finding Internet Connections


Students, faculty, and staff have access to free, seamless, easy, and secure Internet access across thousands of hotspots across more than 100 countries, including most University System of Georgia universities and colleges. For example, an Augusta University student visiting the University of Georgia (UGA), which is also an eduroam participant, can use their AU email to log into UGA’s eduroam wireless network on their campus. The same would be true of a UGA student visiting AU’s campus.
Simply use the following steps:

1. Review a list of participating institutions here:
2. To gain access, choose the eduroam wifi connection
3. Use your AU credentials (example
4. It's that easy! 

We understand that some students and faculty may have challenges accessing the Internet from their homes and may not always be able to get to areas with Wi-Fi. 

More information:

Phone hot-spot. If you have a cell phone and data plan with Internet access, in some instances, your phone can be used as a hot-spot to share data with other devices such as a desktop, laptop, or iPad. See here (iPhone), here (Android), and here (tethering).


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